You’ve found the personal homepage of Brian Lockhart. If by chance you were looking for a different Brian Lockhart, then you’re in luck because I am the one you *really* wanted.

What’s this for?

Personal ramblings, mostly.  I use this space to muse about things that interest me: my family, technology, gaming, fitness, cycling, motorcycling, and magic internet money (Bitcoin).

What do you do with your life?

9am to 5pm:

I work in tech.

I’m amazed looking back at how technology and global networks have evolved since I embarked on my career in the 1990s.  I’m very lucky to have been part of such a transformational time in the technology industry.  In my early years during computer science classes at college, I assumed I’d graduate and end up working on mainframes for a large bank or a company like Sun, Digital Equipment or IBM.  I’d happily crank away on systems that had little to do with how most people lived their daily lives.  But the idea of personal computing for consumers was really catching on on at about the same time I entered the workforce.  So I got to be part of an exciting generation of workers that used computing technology to create brand new businesses and products that exploded in popularity and now get used by millions of people every day, both for work and for entertainment.  Seeing the work I do get enjoyed by other computer nerds is one thing, but when you see “normals” using your product out in the world you get a much bigger sense of having an impact. It’s been an amazing time to work in my profession, and I’m glad I got to take part in the merger of the computer technology industry with every other major industry on the planet.

5pm to 9am:

I live in Kirkland, WA with my lovely family which keeps me grounded and focused on the long game – being a great parent to them is what gets me up in the morning more than anything else.