Brian’s life flashing before your eyes

Brian’s life flashing before your eyes

Pretty cool; let access your FB assets (privacy be damned!) and in return they’ll give you a ready made slideshow video, complete with faux hipster synchronized soundtrack. Why be creative when laziness and apathy will suffice, I always say!

Brian’s life flashing before your eyes from Brian Lockhart on Vimeo.

Wow, I forsee a lot of unintentional oversharing happening ahead. If you let this application have access to your photos, you’re giving it the rights to hit every photo you have on Facebook, regardless of whatever per-album view settings you may have in place. In my case, no big deal – even though I have my Facebook settings set to only allow folks on my friends list to view my photos, I never upload anything that I wouldn’t mind having leaked to the internet at large. You never know when Facebook will be breached (by whatever means), so I always assume whatever I put up there will one day be viewable by anyone. Now, with Pummelvision, it’s a straight shot. More simply than ever before, we can have ignorant Facebook users putting things they thought were “secure” out there with no restrictions on YouTube or Vimeo. Whooboy….

On the other hand, dayammn my photos are cool! That guy has a kickass life! 🙂

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