car vs. bike hit and run

District attorney seeks to bar Vail victim’s testimony in plea hearing – VeloNews

Crazy story.  I can’t believe the lawyering and lack of personal responsibility on display here.  Driver hits cyclist, leaves scene, gets caught later.  And then proceeds to pursue a reprehensible strategy of denial rather than admitting fault.  Latest excuse: the “new car smell” of his Mercedes impacted his driving ability.  The undertones of wealth and priviledge being used to shield the guilty driver make the story all the more disgusting.  I hope things work out for the victim in the end, and it’s sad that it’ll take months or years of legal gamesmanship to close this out.  Luckily the cyclist survived.

Biggest thing I worry about killing me / most dangerous thing I have in my life: riding my bicycle.  People thought I was nuts when I got into motorcycle racing; I always tell them that motorcycle racing at 180mph+ is safer than a 20mph bicycle ride on the street.  Sad but true.

Update 12/16/2010: The driver got off with a slap on the wrist.  Probation, plus he has to do 45 days worth of charity work.  Dude had a great lawyer.

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