Forza Motorsport 3 interview from Tokyo Game Show

Interview I did for G4TV while on the floor at the Tokyo Game Show, September 2009.  This was the third day of the show, hard to tell but it’s REALLY loud in there.  I’m barely able to croak out a sentence after having to almost shout above the din for 3 days straight.  🙂

It was a pretty cool show for us; we had just finished up the game (released to manufacturing) and this was the last big trade show of the year before we would be out on shelves.  Being in Tokyo was special because it’s the home of our biggest competitor, Polyphony Digital – makers of the Gran Turismo racing game series for Sony Playstation.  For 3 solid years we frantically worked on our game hoping to beat them to market, and at the Tokyo game show they announced they wouldn’t be shipping in 2009 after all.  A perfect piece of news for us, that meant we had the holiday window all to ourselves.  Probably the best possible way to finish off a product cycle – wrap up a great game, hit your date, show it off in your competition’s home territory, and watch them slip their date.  Perfect.

Link / in case the embedded video doesn’t play:
Forza Motorsport 3 TGS 09 Interview in High Definition –

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