Forza 3 and Turn10 presenting at Gamefest 2010

This week, several folks from Turn 10 Studios (including myself) will be presenting talks at Gamefest in downtown Seattle.  Pretty cool opportunity to showcase the great work we did on Forza Motorsport 3 – we’ll be giving talks on everything from Audio to Agile production to Pipeline architecture.  If you’re attending this year, check out the list and come say hi!  I’m scheduled to present as part of the Visual Arts track, full listing here:

Update 2/12/2010: thanks everyone for coming by, was great seeing folks from all over the game industry!  If you missed it, the link above has been updated since it originally went up and now has download links for many of the presentations.

Here’s the one that Dan McCullough and myself gave:

Built to Win: How Turn 10 Shipped Forza Motorsport 3 on Time by Optimizing Their Content Pipeline

This talk will be a deep dive within Forza Motorsport 3’s content pipeline, from planning to our challenges and successes.  We will go over why changes needed to be made and how we implemented them.  We will also detail what tools needed to be brought on board, and how we were able to track and report on all individual assets internally and externally.


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