Hannah and Cadence = Priceless Princesses

My wife got a great photo this morning of our daughter Cadence (on the right) enjoying some play time with her friend Hannah.  Who’s she?

  • the 5 year old daughter of my wife’s best friend (Happy 5th Birthday Hannah!)
  • one of the strongest personalities I’ve ever encountered
  • a cancer survivor who is currently battling leukemia

Hanna’s been a part of our extended family for awhile now.  I started thinking of her as a little glimpse into my future once I learned that we’d be having a baby girl of our own.  And I always assumed that she and Cadence would grow up together, scheming and doing their best to terrorize us.  When we learned recently that Hannah had cancer, it really rattled our little world.  It really puts things into perspective when you see hard times befall someone innocent who did absolutely nothing to bring it upon themselves.  Hannah and her family have been forced to step up to face a terrible situation I’ve personally never had any concept of dealing with, and it’s been both heartbreaking and inspirational for my wife and I to follow along with them, helping out as best we can.

If you’re interested in Hannah’s ongoing battle against cancer, her mom Carrie keeps a running update here:


And if you’re interested in donating to support their efforts, they’d really appreciate it:


Meanwhile, Cadence will keep Hannah smiling, while I do my part on my bike:

Hannah gets top billing / sponsor decal placement!
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