Happy Holidays from the Lockhart Family – 2011 edition

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas / Happy Chaunukka / Merry Kwanzaa / Happy Festivus!  Time once again for me to spam the intarwebs with our traditional obnoxious collection of family holiday photo goodness.  I’ll be mercifully brief this year and focus my efforts on the most photogenic member of our family, which won’t be hard because now that she’s a toddler we need to focus all our attention on her anyway.  Whew, these things take a lot more energy to wrangle once they stop sleeping all day and start running around the house!

Best way we could think of to encourage her to sit still for a Christmas photo:


Santa photos went a LOT better for us this year (as opposed to last year) – last year she was an angel the whole time waiting, then lost it right at the moment of truth.  This year, we had a world-class tantrum in the car on the way out there, then BAM when the lights came on she hit her marks and we got the shot.  Whew!


Other than that we’ve been having a nice mellow holiday season.  Per usual, MacKenzie did an excellent job decorating the house and infusing the environment with holiday spirit while I pretty much played the role of stage hand, picking up afterwards and lending technical support (i.e. lifting heavy things).  As I write this, we’re getting ready to host family for Christmas Eve dinner – then tuck in and wait for Santa to arrive.  Our resident elf is excited for sure:


Happy Holidays to everyone, hope you all have a great time with friends, family and loved ones as we finish up 2011 and prepare for the New Year!

Best wishes,

Brian, MacKenzie, Cadence and Maggie Lockhart


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