Happy Holidays from the Lockharts!

Merry Christmas from the Lockharts!!!  Sorry, no time for a lengthy “family year in review” letter – a quick postcard-esque blog entry is all you get!  I submit to you our Christmas wishes in the form of some Christmas photos:

Photo #1: Christmas Explosion 2010!

MacKenzie did her best to capture the holiday spirit oozing throughout our happy home, with all 4 of us resplendent in our lovely Christmas attire.  It’s hard to tell in the photo, but we even made our dog Maggie wear a halo + gold angel wings costume.  We had the camera all tuned up and ready to go, but let’s just say it’s “challenging” to coordinate a squirming baby and a nervous dog to the point where they’re both looking in the same direction and behaving at the moment of truth.  Thankfully MacKenzie’s camera has an automatic  timer feature that power-shoots through 10 frames in rapid succession.  Turns out, for animals and small children, the first 2-3 clicks are just attention getters, clicks 4-8 represent your window of opportunity for a useful photo, and by clicks 9-10 either the baby or the dog or both have given in to ADD and are interested in something else.  40 shots later, we got this:

2010 Lockhart Family Christmas Photo

Merry Christmas from Brian, MacKenzie, Cadence and Maggie!

Photo #2: Meet Santa!

This is our first Christmas with our daughter Cadence, so we’re trying to make sure we have the Full Family Christmas Experience(TM).  One of the (many) things on the list was a visit to meet Santa Claus!  The line at our local mall was about 45 minutes long, outdoors, on a dry but chilly day in Redmond.  We managed to keep her warm, happy, and amused the entire time we spent waiting in line.  We wondered briefly if she’d be scared sitting on Santa’s lap, but dismissed our fears…  We had just recently subjected her to all kinds of scary adults in costumes during Halloween and she didn’t even flinch!  But Santa is a different kind of beast, apparently.  Sure enough, after 45 minutes she was getting tied and cranky, and all it took was Mommy handing her over to the jolly old elf to start the tears a-flowin:

Cadence meets Santa 2010
Do not want!

Great photo despite the look of terror in Cadence’s eyes.  We’ll try to make the Santa photo a holiday tradition, should be fun to see the progression from tears to smiles to bored indifference as she grows up.  🙂

Photo #3: Christmas Parade!

After subjecting Cadence to Santa pictures, we decided to dial things down a bit and let her catch some shuteye while we met up with some friends in downtown Bellevue to watch the evening Christmas parade.  Little did we know that part of the show included costumed performers strolling down the sidewalk among the crowd, interacting with folks.  As luck would have it, we saw a guy walking toward us on stilts with a set of cymbals.  While we had a sleeping baby.  You guessed it; the song he was playing was timing out to go cymbal-tastic right when he walked by us.  A more responsible parent might have taken precautions to prevent what happened next, but I was too busy setting up for the shot:



Poor kid.  She’s going to hate this holiday if we don’t start turning things around for her…  🙂

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / <insert your annual festivus term here> and have a great New Year!

Brian, MacKenzie, Cadence, and Maggie Lockhart

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