Obesity and Incentives

The annual CDC report detailing Obesity trends in America has just been released, and the results are depressingly predictable.  We’re getting more obese and unhealthy across the board.

2011 CDC Obesity in America report

This is a scary trend that shows no signs of reversing.  It’s time to start rethinking how we motivate people to change their behavior, because simply pointing out the problem isn’t having an impact.  We need incentives and motivations to help people set and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.  This is exactly what I’m hoping to accomplish via my new startup – SufferHub!


My vision is to help people stick with a fitness program by giving them motivational incentives ranging from gaming mechanics like achievements and leaderboards, to real-world rewards like fitness equipment, workout clothing etc.  I’ve worked in the videogame industry for 12 years and have seen firsthand how powerful a motivator these basic gaming mechanics can be for keeping a user on the couch enjoying a videogame.  Now I’m hoping to use those same methods to encourage people to pursue more healthy forms of entertainment – exercise can be fun too!

Check out http://sufferhub.com and sign up for the early preview program.  I’d love to hear feedback as this thing takes shape.


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