PressPausePlay – the Digital Revolution

The term “digital revolution” has been used to describe the phenomenon of how improvements in technology have broken down barriers to entry for all kinds of industries.  This in turn leads to the leaders in those industries losing their advantage, their “special sauce” that previously allowed them (and often them alone) to sell products to the masses.  Think of the news industry, the book industry, and the music industry – how many of the players in these fields could have predicted the changes that have revolutionized their worlds in under a decade?

This digital revolution is allowing content creators in these industries to move independently of the current gatekeepers.  With little more than a laptop, a talented individual can now produce and release a digital content product in record time.  That puts incredible deflationary pressure on the industry that depends on artists for their existence.  But is this what we really want?  Revolutions bring change, but they also bring uncertainty…

The producers of the documentary “PressPausePlay” do a great job of presenting insights from multiple sides of the equation, with interviews from artists, industry leaders, and technology creators.

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The film can be downloaded for free, or purchased via the usual methods.  Highly recommended viewing for anyone who is working as an artist, a technologist, or as a player in any industry facing disruptive changes brought about by technology.


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