The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Very cool use of rapid-deploy airbag technology for a “just in time” bicycle helmet alternative – the “invisible bicycle helmet”.  I can totally see this working in Europe, and possibly North America.  For urban cyclists / commuters / casual bicycle riders, this might be a practical alternative to the current “no helmet” approach.

via The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten on Vimeo.


More, from the company website:


While I’m personally fond of the more traditional hardshell fixed position helmet, if I lived in a slower-speed urban commute environment I could be convinced to leave it at home if I had something like this.  I’m not too worried about messing up my hair or looking sloppy at the end of a bike ride, but I can appreciate how others might.

Hey, any idea that keeps cyclists out of head trauma situations?  Worth a look.


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